Friday, September 28, 2012

HOW Romance Contest Finalist!

While working on WIP - CANDACE, I received an email stating I am a finalist in the HOW Romance contest YA category! RAE scored an 86 and 94! (that's out of 100)  I am beside myself! Now RAE is being judged by a Lit Agent from NYC! They are announcing the winners at their Conference in UT on October 6th. I'm not going so I won't find out until after that date. Wonder if I will still have any nails left by that time?


I have a new WIP thanks to Candace that has been keeping me pretty busy as of late. My working title is Candace's Choice. I am so excited about this WIP because I feel so close to my characters and what I find funny is that I've only been with them for such a short while unlike WIP - Rae. These characters just magically came alive. I only knew the minimum about them, age, looks and what has made them who they are. After two weeks, I had over 280 hand written pages. Took me a little longer to finish it off because I took a few days break and then I didnt make myself write 20 pages EVERYDAY. I hand wrote 343 (going back and typing some along the way with my hubby's help) and then the end of the book I wrote on a Sunday so I sat down and typed 17 pages. Wow! Now I have to go back and type pages 279-343. Wish me luck! And then comes the editing. UGH!