Sunday, March 17, 2013

GILDED AGE ~ A Novel by Claire McMillan

I recently met author, Claire McMillan at my chapter's monthly meeting.  She spoke about her new novel Gilded Age, which is a contemporary.  This really threw me and at first I wasn't interested in the book at all.  Besides, the novel is set in Cleveland of all places.  When I look at Cleveland, whether I'm driving up 71 or 77, all is see is dirt, crime and an unexciting skyline.

Now that I have began reading, I have to say her writer's voice hooked me right away so I read another page and then another.  The story doesn't start in a dirty, crime-ridden, unexciting location.  Instead, the story unfolds in the beautiful Severance Hall.  The fretwork is rumored to have been modeled after benefactor John Severance's wife's wedding veil.  How romantic!

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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Surround Yourself with Positive People

Yesterday morning as I laid in bed, I thought about staying there all day instead of attending my monthly NEORWA meeting and lunch afterwards with Claire McMillian. I am so glad I went! Although I have only known these ladies for less than a year and see that at best once a month, they are family to me. The first thing we did at at the meeting was Congratulate good news members presented from r...eceiving a contract on a manuscript they wrote to a Movie Star's agent requesting a novel be flipped into a screen play. We ask, "How did you do it?" We were all genuinely happy for our other group members.
Any of that sound strange to you? It probably does. Working out in the real coworkers seem angry when I succeed. No one congratulates me on a job well done, or asks me how I did it. No wonder so many Americans hate their jobs and are truly unhappy.
If only the world could be filled with Romance Writers!