Monday, October 8, 2012

Third Place- 2012 HOW Contest

Awards Ceremony was held Saturday, October 6th at the Utah RWA Conference.  I placed third in the YA category.  I'm happy, but sad all at the same time.  Happy because my first time out, I made the finals in a writing contest.  How amazing is that?  Pretty damn amazing if you ask me!  Then sad of course because I didn't win.  How can I allow that to sadden me at all?  It shouldn't.  First manuscript, first contest, I can't expect to be perfect already, the next JK Rowling.  What I do have, is validation that I have a nack to pull others into my world of make believe.

I need to continue writing, learning and perfecting my craft.  Someday, my name will be a household name.  I know it.