Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Contest - ABNA

I stumbled upon a new contest to enter the other day. This one is for all genres with only 5 categories; YA being one of them. The contest...Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award. Yes, that is the Amazon that we all know and love. I must be crazy to compete against 10k other contestants, but I did it. I entered the contest. First round is all about pitches (which I can't really share because an ed...itor pitch gives away the ending). However, I can share the summary I prepared for customers and Publisher's Weekly to read before they read my first two chapters and review...if I make it past the Pitch Round.

Let me know what you think...


Life unravels for fifteen-year-old Rae when she finds herself in the magical dimension of Ferane in the Eden Realm. The realms survival depends on her aid to the dying Princess Claire in her quest to find the Ruby Scepter before the dark wizard does and the Blue Moon Eclipse. Without her own magic, Rae cannot return to Earth or to Dirk, the boy she loves.

 Before the unwilling Rae can remember her past, she meets Prince Mogens who causes her to doubt her feelings for Dirk. However, he seems to despise her and may very well be the dark wizard.

 Mentally and physically challenged, Rae will have to trust a princess, defeat the dark wizard, and find the Ruby Scepter before time runs out.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

POV Character Emotions

While the weather is bitter cold in North East Ohio today, I step onto my new treedmill, turn on my music and drift off to Ferane. If only every place was magical and took away the everyday burdens that tense our muscles and make us wish we could go back to bed. When a novel can change our mood to match that of the POV character, the author has done something right. For that, I am grateful today.