Sunday, May 19, 2013

Super Nova Crashes

Have you ever seen a child who is pumped up on sugar running around and around and around? I know you have! And you probably thought to yourself that it will be funny when they crash? Well, friends, kids aren't the only ones to get that hoped up. Remember how I went SUPER NOVA? Well this is me, shortly thereafter...


My second pitch was late in the afternoon with Entangled Editor, Shannon Godwin. Now Shannon smiles a lot. And I really liked that because that is the way I am. She wanted to hear about my completed ms first. Although we only had seven minutes, we spent a lot of time on RAE. She really liked my high concept for this paranormal/fantasy. Having seen nor heard of any ms like this, she requested... the first three chapters and synopsis. My time with her was up, but she said if you can tell me your second ms in two or three sentences then go for it. So, I said, "It isn't until rich girl, Candance, mets Tucker after she has been arrested and sentenced to community service for bungee jumping off a building in Houston that she realizes she is broken. Tucker knows why she is there because it was all over the news, but why is he there?"

Shannon immediately asked for the first chapter of Candace along with a synopsis.

The Knight Agency

I had the time of my life at the conference yesterday. My first pitch ever was with Elaine Spencer from The Knight Agency. I was soooo nervous! One because it was my first time, and two, Elaine is a very sophicated young lady. It's not ...everyday in my world that I meet someone like her. Anyway, I stumbled my way through the pitch and in the end she told me that both Rae & Candace are sellable! She requested the first 100 pages of which either WIP I thought showcased my work the best even if it takes me six months to send it to her (because Candace is only in her second draft). Yeah me!