Monday, September 9, 2013

Book Review - The Tempestuous Debutante

The Tempestuous Debutante by Becky Lower

In Becky's fourth book of the Cotillion Ball Series, she will have you believing in the power of a first kiss. Jasmine has her sights set on an engagement to an English Aristocrat to advance her social standing before the next season of debutante balls. If she fails, she will become known as a 'poor unfortunate', a debutante who did not find love during ...her first season of balls. Your heart will race right along with Jasmine's as she discovers what is truly important in life along with true love.

With fresh writing and endearing, believable characters, this lighthearted historical romance may be Becky's best yet.

You can find this book and others of Becky's on Happy reading, my friends!